Photo Fundraiser



10:00AM – Laura w/ Jonas & Eden (kids) Monet & Colby (dogs)

10:15AM – Cathi w/ Oliver & Whiskey

10:30AM – Daniela  w/Riley

10:45AM – Carol w/Professor

11:00AM – Emily w/Sophie

11:15AM – Chrissey w/ Pia

11:30AM – John w/ Mugsy & ruby

11:45AM – Monica w/ Baby J

12:00PM – Jamie w/Bella Mia and Sofie Rose

12:15PM -Sue W/ Brayden & holly

12:30PM – Jane/Baxter

12:45PM – Erica w/ Jessica & Jack (kids)  & Ellie (dog)

1:00PM –Lisa w/ Peana Ann

1:15PM – Susanw/ Jacob

1:30PM -Bobbi w/Bronson

1:45PM – France w/ Zen

2:00PM – Kevin w/Remi

2:15PM – Eileen w/ Zak

2:30PM – Allison w/ Jupiter, Coco, and Jerry

2:45PM – Tina w/ Sampson & Chloe

3:00PM – Rose w/Seba

3:15PM – Carol w/ Kiefer

3:30PM – Christy Ann w/Robby

The Photo fundraiser will take place at,
Animal Health Center 1656 U.S. 9, Clifton Park, NY 12065

Date of event, April 16th 2016
Time 10AM-3PM (By appointment)
Space is limited so reserve your spot

15 Minute sessions

After your session you will receive an email with a link to download your photos.

Email or Call/Text 518-421-1313 to make your appointment

If you would like to learn more about the Mr. Mo Project here is their website

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