Holiday Photo Fundraiser


8:45AM – Kathy w/Manny, Huck & Koda

9:00AM -Megan w/Ginger

9:15AM – Mary Ann w/ Conor & Gracie

9:30AM – Teresa w/Bobo

9:45AM – Vicky w/ Kayden & Bryne

10:00AM – Carol w/Professor

10:15AM – John w/ Mugsy & Ruby

10:30AM -Monica w/Bram

10:45AM – Josie w/Sebastian

11:00AM -Rachael w/ Satchop & Gemini

11:15AM – Mo Dog

11:30AM – Chrissey w/Pia

11:45AM – Ann w/ Buddy + 2 girls

12:00PM -Theresa w/Jack & Ally

12:15PM -Liz w/Ella

12:30PM -Break

12:45PM – Susanna w/ Scooby &

1:00PM – Jennifer w/Riley & Tucker

1:15PM -Eileen w/Zak

1:30PM – Candy w/ Bella & Max

1:45PM – Amy w/Yorrick

2:00PM – Tina w/ Sampson & Chloe

2:15PM – Tina w/Sampson & Chloe

2:30PM – Danielle w/Benji & Leo

2:45PM – Lisa w/Lacey

3:00PM -Emily w/Brooklyn

3:15PM – Emily w/Hope & Brooklyn

3:30PM -Suzanne w/Johanna

3:45PM -Melissa w/Irie

4:00PM – Leslie w/Betty Lou

4:15PM – Donna w/Dylan

4:30-PM -Andriea, w/Daisy & Huckleberry

4:45PM – Christy Ann w/ Robby


Holiday Photo Fundraiser 100 % of your donation will go to The Mr. Mo Project. Tis the season to give. The Mr. Mo Projects rescues senior dogs and pays their medical expenses for the rest of their life.  If you would like to learn more about the Mr. Mo Project here is their website

Photos are taken by me, Tanya Bissaillon Photography

The Holiday photo fundraiser will take place at,
Animal Health Center 1656 U.S. 9, Clifton Park, NY 12065

Date of event, December 12th

Time 9AM-4PM (By appointment)
Space is limited so reserve your spot

15 Minute sessions

$25.00 minimum donation for 1 dog
$10.00 minimum each additional family dog

Email or Call 518-421-1313 to make your appointment

Includes digital images. After the event an emailed will be sent with a link to download the images of your fur baby/babies.


Mr. Mo Rescued dog, the Professor, in the photo below


Mr Mo Logo

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